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04 March 2007

Week's Preview: Busy

Moving week

The preview for the coming week says that I will be pretty busy. Me and my flatmates, we're moving to a bigger (and nicer I believe) appartment. I'm looking forward to a lot of work, packing, cleaning, carrying, that kind of stuff. The new place is worth it. We get one more room, for the same rent. My own room will be a little smaller. But since I'm next to the living room, I'll just hop over when I want to stretch my feet on the sofa. One reason I wanted to get a bigger appartment is that now friends can stay for a few days when they come to visit here in Athens.

Living in Greece is special in this respect: It's a vacation country. Athens itself might not be the first choice vacation spot, but it improved a lot in the last years, now it's interesting and cool for a city trip. So it happens that friends and familiy come to visit or pass by on the way to their vacation destinations. Now with the extra living room we will be able to provide them with a couch-bed. And some privacy, since the living room can be closed.

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