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09 March 2007

Box Moving

...or playing with new computer

I should be putting stuff into cardboard boxen, instead I'm using every opportunity to do something else. Playing around with my new computer definitely counts in that category and is way more fun than preparing for moving to the new apartment. Yesterday evening I found out that the macbook runs the Zwiki unit tests in 17-20 seconds, even on battery and in "Better Battery Life" energy saving mode. Did I mention that the battery life is fantastic, even considering that the battery is new? I haven't yet done anything with the machine that really taxed it. But the test install of Plone [1] is a good indicator: The machine is so fast that Plohn pages load almost at acceptable speed! Now back to stuffing things into cardboard...

1: Yes, Plone sucks and I wouldn't touch it with a stick. The reason is simply that I need this install for Zwiki debugging and testing.

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