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13 March 2007

The Writing on the Wall

Ping my mind

Even though I've worked in advertising for some years, there are some pieces of advertising that really annoy me. For example the poster for "tap dogs" (a musical? a dance show? whatever...) at a lot of Athens bus stations. I didn't like the poster from the start, and it's there for ages now. Can we have something a little bit more intelligent, or at least a new one once in a while?

On the other hand, while trying to find the shortest path from the new appartment to work this morning, I walked through a street that has an anarchist graffiti about every second or third house. Now, I'm not a houseowner, so I don't know if those would annoy me if they were on *my* house. But that street sure had some interesting thoughts. "We haven't had so much football and cops since the military dictature" - that sure pings my mind. Could it really be? Wouldn't it be logical, with all the student demonstrations lately. There sure is a lot of football lately too.

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Re: The Writing on the Wall

Hmm. I've been to Athens, and spent a week back in 2005. The city struck me as being very clean, although I have to admit that I didn't go to the non-tourist spots.

I liked the atmosphere of Athens as a city. If I were to live there, I would prefer somewhere near the ocean, near the new trams that run thru the Zappeio Gardens and to the sea. But then given the prime location, the rent may be over the top.


Posted by: Linguist-in-Waiting at March 17,2007 16:46
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