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15 March 2007

The Joys of Being Offline... and UTF-8 mutt

Offline except for my trusty GPRS connection of course

One of the less comfortable results of the move to the new appartment is that I currently don't have an Internet connection at home. I could force my way into one of the wifi networks around here, but I won't (and the one that has been completely open has been slightly locked down lately).

So I'm back to my trusty Bluetooth/GPRS connection, well known since my island days. It's a nice reminence for the moment. I hope Vivodi won't break their record in waiting time to get us an ADSL connection. Today I had a phone call from them, someone who worked on my application had a question. Still meditating about this being a good or bad sign.

Yesterday I had copied some Zwiki issues to my laptop, and was sitting all the evening on the new sofa, hacking and investigating along. Sadly most of the issues were just old stuff that should have been closed a long time ago, nothing for me to fix. I started with some other, bigger stuff, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to look up something on the web.

Part of my "diet Internet" setup is using mutt for mail. It's *way* more economical for bandwidth, and of course nothing beats a terminal window in userfriendliness (assuming the terminal decides you are its friend). Yesterday at work I had downloaded the tarballs for mutt and... drumroll... ncurses. Mac OS X has ncurses already. But I wanted to try build mutt with ncursesw, that is with "wide-char" support. Whenever I try to build software while offline I invariably miss a library and have to stop till I get a connection to download it another time.

This time everything worked. And it worked very well, my mutt does Greek in UTF-8 everywhere now. Displaying messages properly in the pager, subjects in the message listings... everything as it should. I'll try the same thing on OpenBSD next.

On Mac OS X (10.4) I built ncurses / ncursesw like this: ./configure --enable-widec --prefix=/usr/local and then I went on to build mutt with this incantation: ./configure --with-curses=/usr/local/include/ncursesw --enable-pop --enable-imap --with-ssl. My is set up for UTF-8 (as described in other posts on this filty blog, see "Best Of").

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