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18 March 2007

Exceptions, PGP, and Athens by Night and Bike

Weekend in new appartment

Yesterday I worked some more on Zwiki, sitting on the new sofa, hacking on the new laptop. Even though I didn't get out much, I enjoyed the good weather in the new, shiny and light apartment. My main target was reducing the "blanked" except-clauses. Catching exceptions in the code is a good thing, but only if we catch the specific exceptions that reasonably might happen. Moving forward on that topic.

pop bar in Athens

Also I made some progress with the PGP seminar I'm preparing for HelMUG. I had started writing up for this two months ago. Now I reread what I had said, decided it's all boring and not up to standard and started anew. I'm done with most of it now, but still have to fill in some blanks. Also need a lot of corrections in the Greek text.

After all that "work" in the evening I went out with libero (of HelMUG fame). We rode on his Vespa across town. Athens by night on a bike is always a special experience. Driving between rows of cars to be the first on the traffic light. In difference to the 1980's we're wearing helmets now. Modern times. We rode to a bar called "Pop", near Ermou / Agios Markos. There we had a drink (or three) and enjoyed the good music. Before going home we picked up a meal at a 24h restaurant near my place. Nice way to end a good day.

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