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19 March 2007

Generating Tags for Python Code (including Subfolders)

Another of those Unix / Shell "reminder to self" posts

If you want to create a "tags" file for use with vi / vim (or even emacs [makes sign of cross]), there are a couple of tools out there. ctags(1) comes with most modern OSs, but it doesn't do python. So hint 1: Use the script that came with your python distribution [1]. To build tags for all python files in a directory the usage is something like: *.py

Hint 2: If you want to build tags for all python scripts in a folder hierarchy (say for some project) you can use:

find -X . -name \*.py -print | xargs
These of course assume that you moved to somewhere in your shell's $PATH. Hint 3 would be the -X argument to find(1), it's a safety switch that tells find(1) to ignore filenames xargs would choke on.

1: If your system has python but doesn't have, download the matching tarball from, just untar it and find it in the contents (Tools/scripts/

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Re: Generating Tags for Python Code (including Subfolders)

Thanks, this was really helpful. I mapped the command to \ptags using the following:

noremap \ptags :! find -X . -name \*.py -print \| xargs ~/Development/Tools/


Posted by: Toby de Havilland at September 15,2009 16:02
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