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20 March 2007

PGP Talk for HelMUG

An introduction to encryption on email using PGP / GPG

Yesterday evening I was with citylop (of HelMUG fame) at the Dasein in Exarheia. We were going through my notes for a PGP Talk which I will be giving for the Hellenic Macintosh Users Group HelMUG. We also signed up for the Dasein's event room. The talk will be on Sunday, April 22nd (13:00 at the Dasein). The official invitation and a signup form are forthcoming. The event will be free - maybe we will let a hat go round in promotion of the user group - but participants will likely have to sign up in advance.

I will hold this talk in Greek. Yes, that's right. The betabug speaks Greek, even though giving a complete talk in that language still scares the hell out of him. You can bet that I will rehearse a couple of times.

Motivation for this is at once that I take a masochistic pleasure in public speaking (preparation is usually so bad that I swear each and every time to never do it again, but giving the talk is really fun). Also we want to get a series of talks going in promotion of HelMUG, to further spread the word that there is a Mac user group in Greece and that it's good for Mac users here to unite and help each other. So someone has to make a start!

Oh, about the talk. It's titled something like "Introduction to PGP - protecting your privacy in email". I'll give a very basic introduction to the why and how to encrypt and sign your mails. It's not going to be a workshop where you install software yourself (maybe another time), but rather an occasion to get a simple introduction to what you can do, even if you're not a tech-head.

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Re: PGP Talk for HelMUG

Hello Betabug,

Is it possible to film the presentation and post it on the HELMUG site? So, we can watch as we are not full time in Greece?


Posted by: escape at March 21,2007 09:29
Re: PGP Talk for HelMUG

Dear escape! Come for a visit to Athens you lazy bum! You can not only enjoy my presentation, but also all the beautiful cars and bikes and houses and the good air! Tickets at Aegean, Germanwings and Lufthansa start from 36€!

OK, [stops joking] lets see what we can do :-) Notes will definitely be online, maybe even audio or video if someone lends a helping hand.

Posted by: betabug at March 21,2007 09:45
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