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26 March 2007

Zwiki 0.59 RC2 is out... test, test!

A lot of bugfixes

Over the weekend Simon has released Zwiki 0.59 RC2 over at It's been a while since there was a Zwiki release, so this one contains a lot of bugfixes. Some of the bugfixes are relevant to making your fight against the spammers and vandals who haunt any "open" wiki a better fight. We also have a few select new features, like "If-modified-since" handling (aka "conditional HTTP GET", or "304") to reduce traffic and server load, and sortable views of the issue tracker.

This is a Release Candidate, so please download and test it. Don't be afraid of testing though: The code is already running on, my own wikis and a few other places, so it's stable enough. We also need all translators to look through RC2. The final 0.59 release is due April 2.

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