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27 March 2007

Zope in Greece Meetup

Who's out there?

On Thursday I will meet with a couple of people who are also doing Zope stuff in Greece. It will be just an informal meetup, going out for coffee basically, maybe looking at examples of what people are doing. The interesting part is that many of us felt like they are the only one's doing Zope stuff here. So a little getting in touch could be fun.

This came about when I got contacted independently but almost at the same time by two people who work with Zope here in Athens. With a little bit back and forth we finally converged on this Thursday, the exact time and place not yet settled. We will likely go for a cafe with free wifi, so we can look at work examples. So far we are a very small group. If you feel you should come too, just drop me a line, either through the comments, or by mail (address on the contact page).

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Re: Zope in Greece Meetup

When we started the user group, I was surprised how many more people showed up after mentioning our first meeting on
You might want to make a announcement on about your meeting.

Posted by: Godefroid Chapelle at March 28,2007 14:16
Re: Zope in Greece Meetup

Salut Godefroid! We're not trying to get it as big as possible for this first meeting, but thank you for the suggestion!

Posted by: betabug at March 28,2007 14:53
Re: Zope in Greece Meetup

We had a great evening here, met some nice people. People showed off their work and asked lots of questions. We'll do this again!

Posted by: betabug at March 29,2007 21:23
Re: Zope in Greece Meetup

Indeed we had a great time... Betabug is really cool ;-) and i suppose many of you already know it... haha
This is only the beginning! Definetely the next time we'll meet somewhere with nice food and drink.
Guys nice meeting u

Posted by: indyone at March 30,2007 15:35
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