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30 March 2007

FloCafe - Starbucks 1:0

Greece wins in wifi and hospitality

Yesterdays Zope meetup showed one interesting result: The outcome of the "wifi battle" of Greece's cafeteria chain FloCafe against the imported Starbucks chain ended with an easy win for FloCafe. Starbucks has been offering wifi Internet access for a long time now, but charging 6 Euro or so per hour is no defense against plain free wifi access at the wifi newcomer FloCafe. Coupled with good old greek hospitality the result is clear...

I was pleasantly suprised overall by the FloCafe on Syggrou Avenue. It might not look special from the outside (all those "Flo's" look more or less the same), but the interior is done very pleasantly. The hospitality itself was on a high level too. We happened to have the manager (at least that was my guess) around when we arrived, so she helped to chose a place to sit, re-arranged tables, brought me another chair to put my laptop bag on. Right before she left we asked her for the wifi access. She replied with a trained "flocafe/flocafe", so the seasoned wifi wanderer knows what to do.

The line for the wifi isn't too fast, but it's fine for web browsing and ssh access. I had some connection problems inbetween. Likely that was because the airport card at one point found around 13 to 15 access points, the interferences must be a mess. Interestingly once I ran KisMac to see what's around the connection started to behave.

When we left (hours and hours later) the manager greeted us and thanked us for our visit. Actually I would have wanted to thank *her*. We had consumed for not even 20 Euros (the four of us), but had perused the location and the wifi for about 5 hours.

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Re: FloCafe - Starbucks 1:0

Please and 1 point from me... that makes it 2:0

Posted by: indyone at March 30,2007 15:36
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