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04 April 2007

There Is Beauty Everywhere

Sometimes you just have to look out for it
Trees in a park in Athens suburbs

Let's talk about beauty. Nothing fancy, just some stuff you can see every day around you. Just have to look and be in the spirit to see, I guess...

A gnarly tree in the streets of some Athens suburb

Walking through this city and its traffic, one could sometimes forget that there is beauty everywhere. Sometimes it's a gnarly tree on a sidewalk on a sunny afternoon...

An old Jaguar in the center of Athens

Other times you just have to cross the street, and unexpectedly it sits there. We used to have even more nice old cars here. But some of them are still here. I wouldn't want to pay its bills, but I sure like to have a look when I pass it by.

Trees in a park in Athens suburbs

Then comes the weekend. Maybe you have time to go to a little park. When the sun shines through the trees, a moment of beauty appears. It's nice to walk on and it's nice to sit on a bench and read a few pages in a good book. Sweet doing nothing.


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Re: There Is Beauty Everywhere

Thank you for sharing with us these simple yet very nice pictures. I really like the eerie look of the pictures. It seems like some alien and very remote place...

Posted by: Saad Kadhi at April 05,2007 09:22
Re: There Is Beauty Everywhere

It's true ... beautiful things are everywhere, it's easier to see them when you feel happy!
As for the alien look, I'd prefer something with more quality but what matters it's your point of view and your findings.
Keep it going! :-)

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at April 07,2007 11:38
Re: There Is Beauty Everywhere

as athens isnt a nice city as a whole beautifull corners strike you more ,than in other western cities

Posted by: anna at April 15,2007 13:48
Re: There Is Beauty Everywhere

Thanks for the kind words, Saad and Rodolfo! Rodolfo, my phone camera is crappy I know it. The only reason I still keep it is that Saad likes the pictures (just kidding). I sometimes like the strange look too, and I like that I have the camera always with me.

Anna, all too true! And we are also more in need to look and see those beautiful corners in our city desert!

Posted by: betabug at April 17,2007 20:55
Re: There Is Beauty Everywhere

So true. It rains a lot where I live, and the winters are gray and wet, but I've learned you can find amazing beauty everywhere, in everything.

Posted by: Jeff at April 22,2007 20:11
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