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06 April 2007

A Beta Boring Product

Making a disk-based Zope product can be simple

A few days back someone asked on #zope/freenode for a more modern example of a simple Zope filesystem "python product", something known as a "boring product". There are already a few of them out there, but most of them are a bit dated. They use dtml, are based on some authors product (which needs to be installed) or tell programmers to use a lot of Zope base classes.

Yesterday evening I sat down and wrote my own. It's only about 80 lines of code, but it gives you a base for doing simple things fast, and build up from there. I wasn't quite sure where to put it, that's why it went on the papakiteliatziar wiki as "BetaBoring" The wiki doesn't have comments enabled -- if you feel like, you may drop a comment into this weblog.

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Re: A Beta Boring Product

There's a minor bug in the downloadable code: it has


where it should have


Posted by: Faried Nawaz at January 01,2008 21:45
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