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13 April 2007

Make a Simple Evening Special

Go for a walk at the seaside, stay offline

Today we went down to the seaside near Faliron. We walked along the coast for a bit, watched the sunset. It was a long working day too, one of those where you get some things done and go home with a feeling of a small accomplishment. Sometimes it's good enough to go home then, relax and maybe watch a movie. Today that little walk made the evening something special. It's been a long time that I was at the sea. Which is kind of funny, since some of the special things of living here is that the sea is so close.

It's also been a long time that I had a proper Internet connection at home. I'm no net addict (at least I think so), but sometimes it's nice to be able to look things up, do some open source coding, or keep connected with people I like. It would really be nice if Vivodi could get their act together and get us a line some day. I promise I will stay offline and go for a walk at the seaside, even with a proper connection at home!

As for the movie watching, we did that too. Seen "Groundhog Day" a million times, seen it one more time this evening. I really like this movie and I like to watch it over and over.

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Re: Make a Simple Evening Special

Oh good luck! The wait can be endless. If it's any comfort to you, a friend of mine (who's getting Tellas) has just found out after a two month wait that they made some kind of mistake and that he'll now have to wait ANOTHER two months. (So he's giving in and getting OTE.) I don't know how long you've been waiting, but surely it can't be that bad! Anyway, I found, when I finally did get connected again, that I kind of missed NOT being connected, and the freedom (read, extra time) that gives you... eg for things like walks on the beach. so enjoy it as much as you can - even if it means watching groundhog day another few times! (PS there are other great movies out there, you know...)

Posted by: kassandra at April 22,2007 21:34
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