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12 March 2005

Changing of the Guard

Greece and a dog saluted the old president

Just watching the changing of the president of the greek democracy, life on TV. Kostis Stefanopoulos is leaving the office after two terms of five years. From talking to greeks around me I had the impression that they had some trust in him. He was known for taking long tours with his bicycle.

The ceremony was the usual pomp and assortment of uniform showing off. The visual impression was much improved by the fancy uniforms of the "evzone" presidential guards. The new president Karolos Papoulias looks somewhat sypathic, but even older than Stefanopoulos.

When Stefanopoulos was sitting in a big limousine of german make, he was being driven out of the presidential building in a motorcade. Just as they turned on the street and were slowly moving away from the camera, a dog was running at the limousine, barking wild. Cops and presidential guards all around him, he running up and down, barking like wild at the car. As the motorcade was driving slow, we saw pictures of the dog continuing almost 100 meters after the cars. Finally it seemed that someone called the dog, he turned around and went back.

None of the policemen or guards took action against the dog, nobody tryed to hit him or drive him away. Of course the cameras were watching, maybe they did not want to risk ugly headlines. But I believe that just a few years ago someone would have driven the dog away with a stick. It seems that things are somehow improving.

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