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21 April 2007

Preparations and Adaptors

Busy preparing PGP talk

I'm in the last preparations for tomorrows PGP talk. Today I made another attempt at finding a "mini-DVI to VGA" adaptor for my MacBook. After weeks of weeks of "we ordered them, they should arrive in the next days", I still don't have one. I've been to and called a couple of Mac shops here (not to mention the "official" AppleStore from Rainbow, who would have sold anything anyway, but I wanted to know what other shops they might tell me to look at).

In the end I'll be using my old PowerBook for the talk now. Takis made an incredibly cool poster for the talk, I'll get one for my room and I'll put a picture of it online. That's it, I'll be busy with more preparations now, cu tomorrow if you can make it!

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