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22 April 2007

PGP Talk went well

First HelMUG Seminar at the Dasein

My PGP talk at the Cafe Dasein went well. I did some last minute preparations at home, made some good old notes on paper. Then we packed up and left for Exarheia. We arrived very early, and the cafe was already open. I started setting up the hardware right away, somehow expecting that something wouldn't work with my (somehow funny) setup.

Since I hadn't found a VGA adaptor for the MacBook I was using my old PowerBook G4 for showing the presentation and demoing the programs. All the while the presentation was on the Zope server on the MacBook. I hooked the two together with an Ethernet cable and unlocked the firewall. The PowerBook was parked a bit dangerous halfway into a shelf, because the projectors monitor cable was too short. During the presentation Takis went to the next slide and demoed the programs at my command.

There were very few attendants (about 10, while the room could host 30 without problems), but they appeared genuinely interested and the atmosphere was relaxed. I talked for 1.5 hours -- with lots of questions from the audience. Christos had brought a video camera, so we'll likely have a video either online or available at HelMUG meetings. The presentation is already online at the papaki (in Greek).

Speaking of Greek: This was my first seminar I've ever given in Greek. I think it worked out fine (though it sure will be fun listening to my own language mistakes on the video), so I'm pretty proud of myself :-).

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Re: PGP Talk went well

Congratulations! I hope we'll be able to see the video soon.

Posted by: Saad Kadhi at April 23,2007 07:09
Re: PGP Talk went well

Hey Saad, the video was shot on good old Video 8 (or so) and needs some processing. Once it's ready we'll see how we can publish it... but I guess you'll need subtitles, it's all in Greek :-)

Posted by: betabug at April 23,2007 09:43
Re: PGP Talk went well

Congratulations from here too betabug. Would be nice if it the talk was in english, so more people could find it useful.

Perhaps you can write a little doc about the pgp topic (in english), based on your work for this talk?

Posted by: Wu at April 25,2007 19:59
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