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27 April 2007

Islands and Lemons

Travelling to Poros and the Peloponnese

It's amazing how far you can get from Athens in a few hours. This morning we woke up slightly later than normal, went down to Pireus and hopped on a flying dolphin. Same as we would take to Hydra, but this time we got off on stop earlier at Poros island.

Poros is right next to the Peloponnese peninsula. Really right next, you could swim over. We took a small boat over, after we had found a room. Then we took a long walk to a lemon grove. They say that there are 30000 lemon trees there.

We walked some while through them, then sat at a (currently closed) restaurant (pic). Went back the same way, then got some souvlaki (hungry from walking!) and took a nap (tired from...). Now we're going to see Poros town by night.

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Re: Islands and Lemons

Poros is a great base for sailing - we sailed from there in 2003 - North to Aígina and south to Ídhra and Ermióni. We hired a yacht called ISIS from Greek Sails.

These flying dolphins can be a bit frightening in a yacht - they come up so fast. Fortunately they're highly manouverable and they always change course before they hit you.
(That pic will only be there for a week or so - so grab it if you want.)

ISTR that the church in the picture was tied down by ropes when I was there.

Posted by: DaveR at April 28,2007 12:40
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