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05 May 2007

Zwiki Bugday Wrapup

Fun and successfull

Yesterday's Zwiki bugday was fun and successful. It started slow. In the morning I was busy at work, but in the afternoon got permission to work on the bugday on company time (yay Graphics Garage!). Had a slow start, mainly getting details on some of the issues, like the stuff Wu helped with, but did not get a break in on any particular bug. Later Simon showed up on #zwiki and things got really started...

After working hours I went home and continued till past midnight. This bugday showed me that exchange of information and opinions are an important point of a bugday. "What do others think about this fix?", "What's the best way to solve issue X?", "What was this line of code there for?", "Does Y work for anyone?" - that kind of stuff. You can't always discuss things right away when project devs are so far apart and in totally different timezones.

I got my DateTime change question answered, and went on and fixed it right away. We decided to change the format for last_edit_time after all - the change turned out to be clean and fast. There is now only one point -- in the upgrade() method -- where we detect an old style ISO() DateTime format without time zone information. We mimick the old behaviour by slapping on a ' GMT+0' and convert to a proper ISO8601 timestamp. I don't think I closed any other issues myself (except for a dupe or so), but I'm content with the result of the day.

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