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06 May 2007

Some Pictures of the Island of Poros

That was two weeks ago already...

Finally some pictures from our two days excursion to the island of Poros. On the first day we went with a small boat over to the Peloponnese, where we walked to the famous lemon grove (about 40000 lemon trees). We went to eat at a very good restaurant in the evening. On the second day we took it easier. We stayed in town, had coffee, relaxed and went up to the "ρολόι" (roloi), the watch tower that is the symbol of Poros.

2CV wreck

While we were searching for the road to the lemon grove, we came across this sad little 2CV ruin.

View from taverna in lemon grove

There is the view from a taverna in the lemon grove, which was recommended to us (on the road) and which we hoped to provide us with some refreshing drinks and a bite to eat. No such luck, it was closed. But we sat a bit in the shade and enjoyed the view.

Poros as seen from the opposite side

This is another view of Poros, from the way back from the lemon grove.

Heideck's fort on a small island

On one of those little islands in the distance there is a fort, built by the german Heideck.

Tree near Galata

We passed by this huge and beautyful tree on our way to the lemon grove.

Panorama view of Poros, from Galata

The town exactly opposite Poros on the Peloponnese is called Galata. Here we see Poros, as seen from Galata. In the bigger view (click on the image) you can almost make out the watch tower above town.

Poros with watchtower

Up there is the watch tower. We're now standing at the seaside, next thing is to walk up there.

Stairs and flowers in Poros

There are a lot of stairs (to go up or down) and flowers (to make the view enjoyable.

Street on Poros

A little street scene. The waterfront is very touristy, but once you go a little bit into the small streets on the hill, it gets much more relaxed and nice.

A catamaran leaving Poros

While we were standing next to the watch tower and enjoying the view, we saw this catamaran leaving Poros in direction to Pireus.


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Re: Some Pictures of the Island of Poros

Makes me want to visit Greece again! Beautiful.

Posted by: Reuven at May 07,2007 09:27
Re: Some Pictures of the Island of Poros

Reuven, feel free to visit again and to pass by my place! We have got a new couch in our living room that can be transformed into a bed for guests :-)

Posted by: betabug at May 07,2007 10:39
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