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08 May 2007

Time and Stuff

Should learn that sometime

One could argue that I'm a big boy now, been here on this planet for some years now. Still I seem to have a hell of a time to grasp some very basic concepts, like (just an example) cause and effect. Also known as "not sleeping all night and then feeling tired in the morning". It seems the notion that time runs linear (sans option of time travel to the evening before and changing mind about staying up in front of the computer all night) doesn't get into my head at least some of the time. Bah. I'm too tired to write more about this, I've got some code to write.

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Re: Time and Stuff

There are some drinks like Coke, Burn, Red Bull... 30% CAFFEIN and all the morning with the eyes like LP's... dunno how's the afternoon ;).

Posted by: r0sk at May 08,2007 17:29
Re: Time and Stuff

r0sk, argh! I won't touch that kind of stuff, no matter how tired I am. Better living through chemistry... not for me.

Posted by: betabug at May 08,2007 21:20
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