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20 May 2007

Earth to Gagarin: Mikro

Θυμάμαι τότε που χορεύανε όλοι...

Friday evening I had gone with grand master Libero to see the greek electro band Mikro at the "Gagarin". Good music. What would I do without Panos to come and drag me to those events? Mikro are pretty well known in Greece, with some of their songs being hymns of a generation that has now grown up: Δεν σε φοβάμαι, άσπρη σοκολάτα, many more where I don't remember the names. I do know them from the radio, in an almost subconscious fashion.

Mikro gave this concert to present their new record. Now that's a kind of concert that many bands are really happy to fuck up. They play a few of the old songs, but they really want to play the new stuff. If the new stuff sucks, the concert starts to go downhill. Not so this time: The audience listened in to the new stuff, but the band gave them the good old songs to sing along mixed in with the new stuff. You could feel that the band were at one with the audience, they were feeling good with playing those well known songs, as much as they were rocking with the new stuff.

After the second encore, the band leader came out again and he said that he wanted to play one song again. He turned up the tune again. It was a song from their new album, one that goes "θυμάμαι τότε που χορεύανε όλοι... δεν κοιμότανε ποτέ αυτή η πόλη". When he had played the song the first time around, he had made the audience sing in on a part of the refrain. Now he switched parts around and he had us sing another piece. The funny part is, this song rocks so much, the audience was leaning in so good, that I had assumed this to be one of the old ones.

One downside of this concert: The sound quality was really, really bad. At times we could only hear a hint of the full impact of the songs, there was no depth to the sound. After the concert Panos dropped me at my place, it had started to rain seriously. After all the heat of the last weeks we had the downpour. But my ears were still ringing to the tune... δεν κοιμότανε ποτέ αυτή η πόλη.

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Re: Earth to Gagarin: Mikro

hi sascha, this is dimitris, panos collegue, we met on friday evening...i just drop by to say hello

Posted by: dimitris at May 21,2007 13:04
Re: Earth to Gagarin: Mikro

Γεια σου Δημήτρη! Welcome at my lowly blog, nice to hear from you! Hope you enjoy the show here. How did you like the Mikro show yourself?

Posted by: betabug at May 21,2007 13:12
Re: Earth to Gagarin: Mikro

Μίκρο - Αυτή η πόλη

θυμάμαι τότε που χορεύανε όλοι
δεν κοιμότανε ποτέ αυτή η πόλη [3x]

βόλτες με φίλους, μουσική όλη μέρα
μέχρι το βράδυ αλλά κι ας ήταν Δευτέρα

θυμάμαι τότε που χορεύανε όλοι
δεν κοιμότανε ποτέ αυτή η πόλη[3x]

θέλω να χορέψουμε όπως τότε ξανά
να εκραγούμε [3x]

θυμάμαι τότε που χορεύανε όλοι
δεν κοιμότανε ποτέ αυτή η πόλη...

Posted by: libero at May 21,2007 21:30
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