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17 March 2005

Solutions to My Telephone Woes

Big thanks to my employer

My boss noticed my troubles with the lack of my Treo 270c (after the hinge on the flap broke). He had the company get me a Sony Eriscsson P910, which fits the bill. Big "Thank You!" to you George!

The funny part is that PalmOne could have sold a Treo 650 if they had managed to a.) list a dealer in Greece and b.) convince any Greek carriers to feature the Treo. Now I get to try out something new. At first look the P910 seems to be much more advanced in respect to software. Kind of logical, given the age of the Treo 270c. But the Treo's keyboard was nicer. I'll get used to the P910 though.

On another note, I'm trying to convince Greek provider "Cosmote" to sell me GRPS internet service on the number. Not an easy task. All information on their website is Greek only. And misleading. Following their instructions just gets them to activate WAP over GPRS, something I need as much as a wart on my behind. The current state of wisdom seems to be that I had to call customer service at 1212 and then have our company send a fax asking to activate "Wireless Internet Easy" service for that number. Not a recommended provider I would say, since all the others have that service on by default.

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