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24 May 2007

Another Zope Meetup in Athens?

Have fun, meet some Zope people

Last time a few of the Zope users in Athens met, we had lots of fun. How about another meeting? Please tell me:

Judging from the last time we met we would look at some examples of what people are doing (that's why wifi would be a plus) and have a wild question-and-answer session, all mixed in with a lot of chatting and having coffee. Drop me a mail or post a comment if you're interested!

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Re: Another Zope Meetup in Athens?

I would be interested... but no idea about how to get to athens in time... :D

Did you publish some content from your first meeting? I thought some times to do something like that here, the problem is that i do not know people in the surroundings that play Zope. I know some people that could be interested in learn about it, but i do not think i'm the best person to teach Zope (yet)

Posted by: Wu at May 25,2007 14:56
Re: Another Zope Meetup in Athens?

Hey Wu! No, nothing is published, as it was all more a relaxed meeting on a personal level, no speeches or presentations.

A *lot* of the people here thought they were the only ones doing Zope stuff :-)

Posted by: betabug at May 25,2007 14:59
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