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28 May 2007

Little Sketches

Pen on paper

Today I went on a little walk in Exarheia, Just some looking around, seeing a few of the weirder shop windows. Then went to a nice, quiet cafe for a fresh orange juice. While I sat there I did a little sketch in my notebook. Nothing special, just the corner of the house opposite. When I dated the sketch, I noticed that it's been 5 months to the day that I made my last drawing.

Thinking about that, I believe there is no special reason, mostly that I'm not so much outside during winter. Maybe I was also tempted to aim too big with the last stuff I did. When you put your own target too high, then you'll never start. So today I did just a little doodle really. But starting up again feels nice. I should get one of those cheap little scanners to be able to put these drawings on the blog easier.

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