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31 May 2007

Athens Zope Meetup Tonight

Flocafe on Syggrou Avenue, starting about 18:00 and up

So tonight Thursday without much organization and overhead we'll have another Zope meetup here in Athens, Greece. Whoever feels like it can join us at the Flocafe in Syggrou for some chat, questions (and answers), maybe a little show up of past and current projects. No agenda, no talks, just getting in touch and seeing what others are doing. I'll be there, starting about 18:00 - 19:00.

Directions: There is only one Flocafe on Syggrou avenue. If I recall correctly it's at the stasi "Efesou" or thereabouts, near the Agios Sostis church. With public transport it's best to take the Metro to "Fix", then take any bus that goes in direction away from Athens (down to the sea) and get out at the next station after you pass Agios Sostis church.

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After i read your story about Sygrou and Agio Sosti so many memories came back to me when i used to live in Athens years ago.Now i live in Las Vegas and i love it also,but i have complete different memories when i was growing up in Kallithea.Thank you for bring me back part of my life.

Posted by: Europe Milopoulos at June 10,2007 22:43
Re: Athens Zope Meetup Tonight

Europe, you are very welcome! I'm happy to have given you a little bit of memory of Kalithea :-)

Posted by: betabug at June 11,2007 09:15
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