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12 June 2007

Cover Quotes Insults

Anybody ever buys a book for *this*?

Currently I'm reading "Pattern Recognition" by William Gibson. Got it in Switzerland in a moments decision when I saw it in a bookshop, really like it of course, though I'm not through yet. While I'm reading it, I wonder about the cover quotes. Cover quotes seem to be by law stupid and meaningless. But I wonder if something like "Races along like an expert thriller" on a Gibson novel should really be taken as an insult. So, it's just "like" an expert thriller? Is it almost as good as that "whodunnit" by that "expert" guy who pushes out 4 crime novels a year? The other quotes are almost as confused and stupid as that. Why do book publishers think they need that?

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Re: Cover Quotes Insults

heh, good question. i bought 'pattern recognition' because it was the only cyberpunk book i'd ever seen reviewed in the New Left Review. had i seen those cover quotes, i probably would have been turned off quick. i don't have enough time for pulpy stuff.

Posted by: john at June 15,2007 19:07
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