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13 June 2007

Bunker Wanted

Hacking for fun and fulfillment

A few weeks ago, r0sk (of #bsdcow, his blog is in the list) wrote about something they call "bunker" over there in .es: A few people coming together for an evening to hack on something, be it something useful (someone's pet project) or just taking something apart, seeing how it works (and maybe getting it back together). As I came home from work yesterday evening it occured to me that this is *just* what I would need here.

I *am* hacking all day long at work, but it's the same stuff always and I should get things done and working eventually. What I would need is the toying, tinkering part, the social stuff too, and the exploring. Never mind if nothing ever comes off it. Actually having Internet access at home finally (dear Vivodi, I'm waiting 3 months now...) would be a nice change too, so I could at least hack on some of my own pet projects (Zwiki and my "Mini Planet" come to mind). Hacking on my own stuff at night gets me going faster at work too. I guess it's inspiring me :-)

So, anybody in for some hacking nights, or know where others are hacking along on cool projects in Athens, Greece? (Everybody who mistakenly associates "hacking" with "breaking the law" need obviously not apply...)

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Re: Bunker Wanted

As you said, in "bunker time" we change the chip. We (-normally- are Wu and I) are *hacking* 8h. in work so, once at home, it's funny to code, talk, drink some beer and learn. On next bunker (hope next week) I think the hotkeys will be CakePHP and SVN.

Posted by: r0sk at June 14,2007 11:05
Re: Bunker Wanted

Bunkers always reminds me on mi first linux experiences, when r0sk, me and two other friends met ourselves until late in the night. I learnt a lot then, and I do learn a lot in our actual "bunkers" (even if we have less time than we do then, when we were students).

In our meetings we try to learn about new things, being that hacking in some php/python/whatever code, installing some operating system we had never used before (like dragonflybsd) or play a little bit with that OSes we like de most (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, linux).

Of course, it would be great to have more people involved (last 3 bunkers were me and r0sk only), and to have a bigger place to do the bunkers (actually we met at r0sk's, and there isn't a lot more space for more people. But as someone said once "you go to war with what you have, not with what you desire" (sorry for the literally translation from .es).

So, I hope you can find some people to get involved in such a thing there, in .gr, it will be for sure a rich experience.

Posted by: Wu at June 14,2007 11:26
Re: Bunker Wanted

"I hope you can find some people to get involved in such a thing there". I hope too, if not, iChat, Skype or similar may invite you to our next bunker time ;).

Keep in mind!.

Posted by: r0sk at June 15,2007 17:30
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