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14 June 2007

Potatoes for Art

art athina exhibition
art athina entrance

Old news from before my trip: I had visited the "art athina" exhibition together with Thanassis (McKellaris) of HelMUG fame. It was one big circus of galleries showing off "their" artists works of art. I believe that everybody should try to make their own sense (or nonsense) out of modern art, even if I could, I wouldn't be anybody's guide. But there was at least a *bit* of something interesting, with potatoes and apparently some old fashioned censorship...

Guest country was Russia (the lady in the front of the picture is a russian TV presenter). The upper floor of the exhibition was mostly housing russian galleries, their works not differing much from the rest of the stuff (to my eyes), but there was one work standing out: A group calles SOSka showed a video accompanied by some large scale fotos. The exhibition is over, I shouldn't risk giving a spoiler here. The video was incredibly funny and fascinating. It showed a young man driving a SUV to some russian village, somewhere in nowhere land. In his luggage compartment he had a pile of paintings.

He went to some of the farms standing up his pictures on the floor and on a wall, wherever he found some space. Then he asked the farmers: "Which ones do you like?" Apparently some of the farmers liked some of the pictures good enough. An old farmers lady chose one of the pictures, because the model "looks like my grandfather" while another one reminded her of her daughter. He asked her what they would give for the paintings. Her response: "Three dozen eggs." Another farmer gave 40 kilo potatoes for two paintings, and he got a live chicken ("any chicken I can catch") for one more painting. The name of the work was "Barter". The fotos showed the farmers together with the pictures they got, or the pictures hung up in the farmhouses. We enjoyed the video so much, we went back to watch it completely after we had a walkthrough of the upper floor, it was just plain refreshing.

It also looks like there was some weird business where the police came in to censor one artists work, libero has the story (in Greek). I didn't notice that and I surely didn't notice anything that would be worth the authoritie's trouble to send out cops and censor anything. What a stupid move.

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Re: Potatoes for Art

I am sorry i missed that. it sounds refreshing indeed. As for the stupid censorship thing, it happens a lot in Greece. For some reason, the nanny state wakes up from its slumber to censor.

Posted by: chloe at June 14,2007 12:07
Re: Potatoes for Art

chloe, yes, it was really the thing that stood out in the exhibition (or is it an "art fair", it looked in large parts like an "art supermarket").

The censorship reminded me a lot of the thing, with incompetent cops and a clueless legal system, see for example Jail for an RSS Link?.

I've re-discovered your blog now. Already liked it the first time around, it has a strong personality, with your terrific photos. Will add you to my "other weblogs" machine, so I get reminded of new posts :-)

Posted by: betabug at June 15,2007 09:53
Re: Potatoes for Art

yes, the same incompetent cops were absent last night at Ejekt festival where cars were burning around us and we were choking from all the smoke.

i am adding you too. thank you !

Posted by: chloe at June 17,2007 15:34
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