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17 June 2007

Code on the Go

Because spaghetti are nourishing too!

Is it just me? I like to write code while I am in public transport. Back in Switzerland, I used to commute by train, 1.5 hours each trip. A large part of that was in a clean, comfortable, and stuffed to the last place intercity train. I was often sitting there with barely enough place to move my elbows, but hacking away on my laptop (first a PowerBook 1400, a little later a Titanium PowerBook G4). I wrote most of the code for the SMS chat at STAR TV Switzerland like that.

On Saturday I flew back from Munich to Athens. I was a bit tired, not all too happy (not because of coming home, but because of that other story, personal, therefore not on the blog in public) but there I was, happily hacking away on a little Zope product (the one that lists the "other weblogs" on my blog's main page), extending little bits and ends on it.

I've noticed that I'm not doing equally well on whatever kind of hacking task I attempt while coding on the go. Debugging or writing tests doesn't work so well, and I probably wouldn't attempt to design some boring and solid system. But fleshing out some new feature, or driving through some new functionality by clicking in lines of new code, that works just fine (even if it sometimes results in a bit of spaghetti code). It's the kind of job where I am happy to leave in a comment "# TODO: add code to check these input values here". I'll come back to clean up these things later, the drive on the drive is getting the first line down on digital canvas.

Update: some of the post was missing, added all the text after "even if it sometimes results..." just now.

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Re: Code on the Go

"Train coding" is great. Back in 2004, when i was working for a local hosting company, i had to get from coruña to santiago de compostela by train (a 2hour-trip, 1 to go, 1 to get back) and I used to waste that time writing articles, doing tests, learning Python, and things like that.

Those were good times playing around with my toshiba laptop. The worst part was that I got tired, very tired when the week ended.

Posted by: Wu at June 18,2007 10:11
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