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20 June 2007

Laurie Anderson at the Herodion

A great concert, with some stupid distractions

I really enjoyed the concert yesterday evening. Laurie Anderson makes music that left me (and I think most of the audience) in a meditative state of mind. We listened to a lot of the lyrics, had a good chuckle from time to time on some of the sarcasm and politics, even picked up the odd message. Towards the 2nd part of the concert, when the music turned to quieter songs, we would have wished for easier seeting, something to recline and cushion into. 1800 years old marble is a spiritual venue, but it makes for hard benches on your ass (with a thin cushion).

At the start of the show, when Laurie was alone on the stage and had just started off into the first song, there was a guy at the entrance to the upper seating. Since the show had started, the offials denied him and some other people the entrance until the first break (as per the rulez). I should maybe note here that the accoustics of the ancient "music hall" are incredible, anybody speaking out aloud is heard perfectly all over the place. This guy didn't get it. He started to argue aloud, and upon being told to quiet it, he started shouting "I can shout whenever I want to". People around shushed him. He continued.

When the first song faded out and the audience applauded, this guy stormed in, followed by the other waiting people and the officials. The music continued and the guy continued to argue with the officials. At this point someone from the audience shouted aloud: "Shut up!" and then almost all of the audience shouted together: "Shut up!", almost 5000 people together, like one voice. The guy stared, obviously he had believed that everybody should have been on his side. Now someone else shouted "get out!". After that the officials managed to get the guy out and we could continue to enjoy the music.

In our little corner of the theater we had another, smaller incident, about an hour later. Apparently at this evening there was a football match with one of the big teams from Athens. Now there was this guy who suddenly started to ask around if anybody had a radio... wtf? Did he really believe that someone would sit in this exceptional concert and turn up a transistor to " Giannopoulos has the ball and passes to his team mate... shoots... GOAAAAL!! ..."? Talk about culture.

On the positive side, I noticed -- again -- that the Herodion is an incredible place. There I was sitting, upright to avoid back pain, listening to exceptional tonal quality in a theater that barely needs speakers, looking at the evening sky turning into a clear night sky, with the new moon and the evening star over the ancient walls. If you ever have a chance to go to a show at the Herodion, go for it! Don't hesitate to take cheap sits on the upper seating, in my experience the view is even more spectacular up there, and the sound is great.

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