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07 July 2007

Renew Suncream after Swimming!

Sloppy slappy got me

The media are reminding us to renew our sunscreen after swimming in the sea. They are very right with that. Today we went in the morning to swim near Voula. After I came out I slapped on more suncream, but I was sloppy. The result is that I have one shoulder that is red with a slight sunburn. Not too bad, no peeling skin or anything as bad, either I'm κολόφαρδος (kolofardos, literally "with a wide ass", someone with luck) or else my part greek heritage worked for my skin protection. So just a small reminder for everyone out there: Indeed, put on new suncream after swimming!

Another reminder: Tomorrow, Sunday at 19:00 we're meeting outside the Parliament in Athens, to demand fast reaforrestation of the Parnitha forrest.

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