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12 July 2007

Finally... net access at home!

It's been a while

Incredible, but true: We finally have access to the Internet at home again. Incredible 4 months of waiting time. Why did we wait so long, you might ask? Why didn't we give up, go to a different provider, etc.? Mostly because 1. we had good experience with this company in the previous place 2. the alternatives weren't too appealing either and most of all 3. we didn't know it would take that long from the start, it was always "wait just a little bit longer", then "wait just another little bit longer".

What sucks even more than the wait? Vivodi, the ISP who is behind this desaster has employees who did not even once say "we are sorry". It might not be company policy to say "sorry", but they should at some point understand that customers are human beings too, and they could have spared a little "sorry" from one human being to another. I will see what I will do about this, got some ideas cooking.

For now, I'm checking out the new "line". It's 2056/256, and it seems that at least for now it's performing to specs. That's nice.

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Re: Finally... net access at home!

Sascha darling,

You know that no one is going to apologize to you! What would be news is if someone DID apologize to you or offered you compensation. :)

Posted by: CaliforniaKat at July 13,2007 13:39
Re: Finally... net access at home!

I have my naïve moments sometimes - they keep me young! :-)

Posted by: betabug at July 14,2007 11:42
Re: Finally... net access at home!

i thought ouzo keeps you young?

Posted by: wiwi at July 17,2007 09:56
Re: Finally... net access at home!

wiwi, ofcoz Ouzo keeps me young too! :-)

Posted by: betabug at July 23,2007 11:03
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