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31 July 2007

COREBlog Month Views messed up

The UTF-8 gave up

Just a short service notice to my readers: I just noticed that something (likely the Zope 2.8 to 2.9 upgrade) messed up the UTF-8 in the weblog's month archive view (only there apparently). Greek text and German umlauts are broken right now. I'm investigating, please excuse the inconvenience.

Update 2007-11-08 This should be fixed now, apparently there were some entries with broken encoding in the DB.

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Re: COREBlog Month Views messed up

Sascha, we're in Eleftheros Tipos today

Kisses, Kat

Posted by: CaliforniaKat at August 01,2007 09:29
Re: COREBlog Month Views messed up


Posted by: betabug at August 01,2007 09:36
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