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03 August 2007

Summer Countdown

Everybody leaving the city... now!

The city is becoming more empty by the day. The news predict the big travel bang for the coming weekend, when the "masses" will leave for their August vacation, causing long lines and congestion on roads, ships, planes. The coming of vacation time has been rolling on for quite some time. This is the time where the "stay behinds" (even if temporarily) have to check beforehand if the place of choice for going out (or getting food) is open or not.

Our cow-orker today phoned in to order pasta and said: "Are you open? OK, I'll call back! [click]". Only then did we assemble orders. Ordering cooked Greek food (μαγειρευτά) wasn't recommended at all, that kitchen art form is dependent on a regular flow of customers. When everybody leaves town, the kitchen can't produce and the quality sinks. They will be back in September!

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