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09 August 2007

Two Island Days, Summer in the City

Never long enough

We spent two days on Hydra. It was wonderful again. Went swimming in that place near the town, where the water is deep and blue, and the children jump in from the rocks 3 or 4 meters up high. With the swimming goggles, I could see the bubbles underwater, as they dove in. We walked around a bit more, and I took a lot of pictures (watch this space).

Now we're back in Athens. We're showing my father and Ruth around. We take good care in dealing with the heat. Even though it's significantly cooler than the heat wave days, the city is a hot place in August. No wonder everybody flees it whenever they can. A lot of restaurants are closed (not in the tourist areas of course). We had good luck that our friend Panos recommended Το Φασόλι (to fasoli, the bean) in Exarheia. A deviation of the traditional Greek foods that our guests had lived on. The "bean" has a fusion of modern and traditional Greek dishes, a very nice ambiente and friendly service. They will be closing for their summer vacation this Friday too (and we'd say "well deserved!", we will come back). For ourselves... we'll be soon out of the city heat for a bit longer too.

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Re: Two Island Days, Summer in the City

Sounds wonderful! I need another holiday

Posted by: Bollybutton at August 10,2007 10:48
Re: Two Island Days, Summer in the City

Hey Bollybotton, Hydra is very nice, so I can really recommend another holiday for you :-)

Posted by: betabug at August 10,2007 15:30
Re: Two Island Days, Summer in the City

Ahhhh, I do need another holiday. Sadly for my rock and roll life, I am using the remaining holiday time I have from my job to take intensive driving lessons in the UK. Boooring!!

I'll take you for a spin if I pass.

Posted by: bollybutton at August 13,2007 09:23
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