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10 August 2007

Bringing in the Flag

Here's to the patriots
Soldiers bringing in the Greek flag on Mount Lycabettos

Yesterday evening we went with our guests to the top of mount Lycabettos. Walked, that is. It's a nice ascent, and in the late afternoon, early evening it isn't so hot, while a bit of a breeze also helped. After we enjoyed the view (the sea of concrete from horizon to horizon) and tried to make out familiar features ("hey, that's the big OTE building near Victoria, we used to live near that!"), we watched the sunset. Always nice to see from up there. After the sunset we waited a bit around to see the city's lights come on, while the sky gets darker. I always enjoy that bit. And after that, we were witnesses to two soldiers officially bringing down the Greek flag for the night.

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Re: Bringing in the Flag

You WALKED??? Wow man, I tried that recently and we drove halfway up and walked the rest, that was terrible.

I hear the gym calling out my name...

Posted by: bollybutton at August 13,2007 09:21
Re: Bringing in the Flag

We didn't only walk up there... we walked up there from home, which is in Ano Ilisia :-) ... and we walked down again, because the ticket machine of the train to go down didn't take any of our bills. I would like to tell you more about it, but the phone is ringing... hey, it's your gym calling, they're looking for you! :-) :-)

Posted by: betabug at August 13,2007 09:51
Re: Bringing in the Flag

Tell them I'm out climbing Lycabettos as we speak

Posted by: bollybutton at August 13,2007 10:21
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