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14 August 2007

Bridge Tourism

Relaxing at Rio
betabug on the bridge of Rio

Here I am, standing on the foot walk of the big bridge from Rio to Antirio (from the Peloponisos peninsula to the mainland of Greece). Last Saturday I had set out to visit Panos (libero of HelMUG fame) and friends on their family house near Patras. Their place is wonderful. An old stone house, with thick walls, wooden floors, an enchanted garden (in which I had a great afternoon nap). Great company too, we had lots of talks about football and Switzerland.

Saturday evening Panos and me went for a walk on the bridge. We walked to the half point, then turned around. Took lots of great pictures (no time to assemble them yet). Some scary moments, when we had to walk over a metal grille, looking through on the sea a big, big plunge below. Windy too. On Sunday I had to leave, to get Eleni from the airport. Back to Athens again, but soon to leave on further travels.

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Re: Bridge Tourism

Excellent! I send my best to both you and Panos.

Posted by: CaliforniaKat at August 14,2007 21:36
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