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15 August 2007

The Boat

Water vacation

Here I am, on the next hop of my vacation. I'm on the island of Skopelos, on the Kaïki (a boat shaped like the greek sailingboats) of friends.

There isn't much space, it's most of the time too hot or too cold... but it is just wonderful. We're moored in a little gulf, so to take a swim we just jump overboard.

The boat has been reworked lovingly to be a hobby boat. Unlike most kaïkia it still has a sail.

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Re: The Boat

Aye captain!

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at August 15,2007 22:19
Re: The Boat

Arrrr! Pirrrrates!

Posted by: wiwi at August 18,2007 12:43
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