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25 August 2007

It's Raining Ashes

Looks like world's end
Cloud from forest fires hovering over Lycabettos hill in Athens

Even though reports the fire on Ymittos to be over (and we can see it's over) and only mentions a fire in Penteli in passing, ashes are raining down on us. It also started to smell like fire.

The sun is shining yellow and dark through a big cloud, giving a light that makes us think it's already evening. Our Internet and phone connection had problems, while the electricity showed some flukes too.

We went up to the terrace again. No more firefighter planes to be seen or heard. But a huge cloud over most of Athens' center. The sun is very yellow through the cloud. Back down in the apartment, we have closed most windows to keep the whirling ashes out.

Update: Most news sources report the cloud to be coming from Evia, which is quite a way off.

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