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26 August 2007

Burned Internet Connection?

While the country is on fire

While Greece was burning yesterday, at around 14:30 - 15:00 local time the Greek Internet provider OTEnet and likely the parent company OTE (who is also the "old" telecoms monopoly here) had major problems...

I noticed it first because the HelMUG server was offline. HelMUG's server is housed by sponsorship in the OTEnet facilities in Thessaloniki.

Some searching around revealed that it wasn't just our machine, instead all of OTEnet Thessaloniki was unreachable. Even was unreachable, later on dropping from DNS too [1]. Due to the exceptional situation in Greece at the moment I hesitated to call the support hotline (this is after all just a very minor problem compared to the fires that burn forests and houses, and kill people). Later I did, and heard a prerecorded message that there are problems with Internet access in all of Greece. I hung up.

At that point the OTEnet network wasn't reachable from Greece through the network of Vivodi (all traceroutes ending at the AIX, the Athens Internet Exchange), nor from outside the country (traceroutes ending in OTEnet's peering points in London or Frankfurt [2]).

For the HelMUG server we started setting up a small site on my server to inform visitors about the problem. At the moment when it was ready two things happened, almost at once:

  1. My server dropped off the net, due to the nonprofit provider where it's housed having routing problems. It only came back this morning at 9:30 Greek time.
  2. OTEnet came back, at about 21:30 to 22:00 Greek time. HelMUG was back online, but the outage info redirect still pointed to my unreachable server till I changed it back and the change made it through the DNS caches.

1: The situation inspired aanriot to coin the term OUZOnet.
2: While on Alonissos this summer, we enjoyed some of the misspellings in translated restaurant menus. Now while tracerouting around, I came across this little gem: (

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Re: Burned Internet Connection?

I've (somewhat abstractly) explained the situation while commenting here.

Posted by: adamo at August 26,2007 11:11
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