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01 September 2007

Greek Mac User Group Meeting Athens

HelMUG welcomes you!

This Sunday (September 2nd), 12 noon, a few people from HelMUG (the Greek Mac User Group) will meet at the Cafe Ethnikon at Syntagma square. (Athens meetings are usually on the first Sunday of each month.) Member or not, feel free to join us. There will be no talks or agenda, but a relaxed meeting to do the Mac chat and get your tech questions answered. We're sometimes hard to spot, so when you see a bunch of people sitting on a table all with Mac laptops, feel free to ask if it's us!

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Re: Greek Mac User Group Meeting Athens

Hey I have a Mac! It's a graphite Clamshell, but I'm sadly having to sell it because I can't use it to open my work network which is windows supported. Bastards!!

Also the modem and battery don't work any more. But it has Quark Xpress and I can leave it on all night, it never overheats. It's wonderful! I just wish there wasn't such an anti-Mac conspiracy and I could use it to log into my office.

Posted by: Bollybutton at September 06,2007 12:05
Greek spell checker

I have a Greek friend in the US that is new to the Apple format. He has an Intel Apple Pro running Leopard (10.5.4). Question: is there a reliable Greek spell checker for the Mac? If so where can he get a copy?
Thanks for your help
Jeff Tucker

Posted by: Jeff Tucker at August 07,2008 18:05
Re: Greek Mac User Group Meeting Athens

Hi Jeff, CocoAspell is free and works really well. The Greek "wordlist" it uses is really good too. Send him to

Posted by: betabug at August 08,2008 08:43
Re: Greek Mac User Group Meeting Athens

I'm interested in joining the Greek Mac User's group. When is your next meeting???

Posted by: Spiros Kassimis at September 17,2008 01:43
Re: Greek Mac User Group Meeting Athens

Spiros, I don't know. Please go to and ask there in the "meetings" forum.

Posted by: betabug at September 17,2008 07:36
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