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03 September 2007

Quoted in the EC's "Open Source News"

Talk the talk

Going through my referer logs, I found an article from the European Commission's very own "Open Source News" (no I've never heard of that thing either) quoting an older post of mine (Greece Moves Forward To the Past in Informatics). The article is here under GR: 'Piracy and lack of developers Open Source's biggest obstacles'. I'm in the good company of a few fellow Greek bloggers. Followed the links and discovered more interesting reading (already had "Past Midnight" in my reading list, but Thanasis' lixtetrax blog is new) and the other two having discovered the quote already too.

On a sidenote, it seems they made a bit of a mess with the date of the article: On the top it says "28 August 2008" (more likely 2007). But below it says "European Communities 2006". I guess it's August 2007, freshly arrived.

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Re: Quoted in the EC's "Open Source News"

I was about to leave a comment to let you know, but apparently you don't need any help :-)

Posted by: Panagiotis Astithas at September 03,2007 12:42
Re: Quoted in the EC's "Open Source News"

Hey man, I decided to revisit the issue with a recent story from the trenches. Have a look if you want :-)

Posted by: Thanasis K at September 06,2007 19:06
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