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10 September 2007

Lost and Found: Bookshop

Nice place too

In a few previous posts about "Bookshops in Athens" (Dec 2005, Feb 2006, Nov 2006) I was looking out for "Compendium Books", references to which I had found on the web. I had considered them lost, since they had moved and I did not find them at their new address. Last week the gf and me took a stroll from Syntagma to Thision and while still near Syntagma we happened by chance onto a Book shop... and it was indeed Compendium, alive and well.

The shop is nice enough, with a big used books section (a bit hefty on the "romance" genre though). I'll be coming back there for sure. Unfortunately as with all English Bookshops in Athens, their Science Fiction section is confused: It consists to 90% of Fantasy stuff with almost nothing that is really SF (not to speak of Cyberpunk).

So, where are they? They are at the very end of Nikis street in central Athens (Syntagma area, towards Plaka), on the corner on 5, Navarhou Nikodimou street. phone 210 322 1248. Link to a map.

See also: The list of all "my" English language book shops in Athens.

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Re: Lost and Found: Bookshop

Thanks for the info.
Do you know any other English bookshops in Athens with used books? (not much at Monastiraki)
I'm an avid reader and can't afford new books.


Posted by: mary at September 10,2007 12:44
Re: Lost and Found: Bookshop

Mary, no I don't know about any further English book shops with used books in Athens, sorry. If I learn of any more of them, I'll keep it posted here :-)

Posted by: betabug at September 10,2007 13:05
Re: Lost and Found: Bookshop

It's wonderful do discover things that we thought we had lost forever.

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at September 13,2007 09:19
Re: Lost and Found: Bookshop

Hey Rodolfo, in fact I hadn't been to that shop before, I had only heard about it. But it's nice I found it, because they have used books and are a nice shop.

Posted by: betabug at September 13,2007 09:26
Re: Lost and Found: Bookshop

Yeah, they just moved. I want to say it was 2 years ago, right after the Olympics moved on, but I could be wrong.

Posted by: Kat at September 17,2007 12:12
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