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24 September 2007

Tired and Buying a Smoke Detector

Beep beep

This morning at about 6:20 someone rang the bell on our apartment door. Repeatedly. I turned around in sweet slumber and cursed the lusers. They kept on and started knocking too. I got up and had a look, thinking about if it was safe to open in the middle of the night (not knowing the time yet). Moving over to the hallway I noticed what was wrong, as I looked over to the kitchen: Smoke was coming out under the kitchen door...

I opened the apartment door and let a concerned neighbor in. He informed me that there is something wrong and with smoke coming out of our kitchen. There was another dude, a young guy in what could have been a fireman or coastguard uniform (I guess he's living in the building and was about to go to work). We went to the kitchen and they warned me: "Be careful with the door!". I was not awake enough to really check if the door was hot, but opening it revealed just a lot of smoke, and a pot with some food on the kitchen, left there by my flatmate. Not the first time.

The pot was taken out on the balcony (by the young guy in the uniform), the oven switched off, and all doors and windows opened. I tried to get back to sleep, but the smell of smoke made that impossible. The smoke wasn't too nice for my throat, which is again pretty bad this year with another catarrh. I'm buying a smoke detector alarm this afternoon.

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