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30 September 2007

Blue Container Recycling Revisited

More recycling observations

I've reported about The Blue Containers for recycling in our part of town a while ago. In the meantime we've been good kids and used the blue bag supplied to us to collect all kind of (suspected) recyclable material. Usually when I emptied it in the blue containers I had a good look inside to see if others were using them properly or if they'd just end up as normal garbage containers. I was surprised about how much the recycling containers were used appropriately. I even observed other people emptying their blue bags into the blue containers.

Today when I went to the blue container nearest the apartment, I noticed it full up and overflowing, with stuff in bags. Theoretically this could have been recyclable stuff, but I really doubt it. Went to the next one, same game (there were even normal garbage containers next to it, practically empty, so either someone had a lot to recycle or else they just started to dump their garbage into the first container they saw). The third try was successful.

I would really like to learn more about this recycling program: How high is the recycling rate? Where are things separated, where are they recycled? Haven't seen any resources on this so far.

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Re: Blue Container Recycling Revisited

i do all my recycling at Vasilopoulos supermarkets. they really recycle paper, plastic and glass. And cans. of course if you don't live near one you have to drive there which is not very convenient.

Posted by: chloe at October 01,2007 07:05
Re: Blue Container Recycling Revisited


I have devoted my holiday to observations of trash in Greece. Maybe you may find some stuff familiar.

Best regards


Posted by: Eva at October 14,2007 11:20
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