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04 October 2007

16 Bullets of Stupidity to Windows

How stupid is that?

Yesterday I set up a laptop with Windows XP to use our wifi network at home. Which is "secured" by WPA. With a password of about 16 random alphanumeric and non-ascii characters. For one thing, this laptop has a French keyboard ("AZERTY")... what a crazy thing! Imagine a little kid taking apart a keyboard and then putting the keys back together any random way they liked it, that's how I felt hunting for the keys. So far so good.

But the next thing is that Windows XP wants me to enter the password to the wireless network (WPA password), without an option to see what I type... just the bullets, young man! It's like the kid from our previous image blindfolded you. Now that would be one stupidity which could pretty much be pushed on the "security" excuse, "look, nobody can shoulder surf while you enter that password" - a password which I have written on a piece of paper on our apartment bulletin board [1]. Idiots.

There's more: It wants the password to be entered twice to match them. What's the use for that? This procedure is meant for creating passwords, you morons! The wireless access point will check the entered password good enough.

What does this say about the people working at Microsoft? I can't believe anybody thinking up, coding up, or letting pass tests such a sorry excuse for a "user interface".

[1]The point is to keep people who are outside our apartment out. When you're in my home you're free to wifi of course. So no use in making the password such a secret.

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Re: 16 Bullets of Stupidity to Windows

playing devil's advocate here so i'm pleased to announce than in vista it only asks once and you can see the stuff that's your writing(there's a checkbox). os x anyone?

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at October 04,2007 21:20
Re: 16 Bullets of Stupidity to Windows

In OS X you type it in only once, and you have a choice of seeing the password as you type or not.

Posted by: betabug at October 04,2007 21:28
Re: 16 Bullets of Stupidity to Windows

“Redmond, start your photocopiers” once was written:-)

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at October 04,2007 21:32
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