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05 October 2007

Copy a Folder's Contents

One of those small things

Zwiki's new revision system uses a BTreeFolder2 to permanently store revisions. That's a wise decision, because those revisions can really pile up. Some wikis ran with an interim version of the code, where it created a normal folder to hold revisions. What I did there is to rename the folder to "revisions_orig", create a new "revisions" folder and copy the contents over. Here is a little python script that does the copying over, when the cookie used by ZMI copy & paste can't seem to hold them all. Nothing special, just one of those posts to remind myself...

Create a new "Script (Python)" object in the ZMI, fill it in with this code:

### Parameter List: from_folder, to_folder

from_folder = getattr(context.aq_explicit, from_folder)
to_folder = getattr(context.aq_explicit, to_folder)

from_folder_ids = from_folder.objectIds()

from_copied = from_folder.manage_copyObjects(from_folder_ids)

print 'done'
return printed

Running it should be self-explaining.

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