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08 October 2007

reStructuredText in COREBlog

...and thinking that it was there all along

In my last few posts I have experimented and switched the entry format here to reStructuredText. I had tried reStructuredText in COREBlog before (it was there all along), but had run into problems with making links, now I gave it more tries and got it working so well, I switched over my default entry format. As a weblog reader you won't really notice any of this - unless I break something in the process :-). Here are a few things I noticed along the way...

So, let's start with the observations:

Overall I'm sold. What I want to do next is to patch COREBlog to let me use reStructuredText for moblog entries. It would just be so much easier to use RST in entries I write by mail.

[1]I probably only think that footnotes are fun because I never had to go through all the "acedementia" thing where you are forced to write lots of papers with lots of standardized footnotes. I also think that footnotes are cumbersome to read in real books.

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Re: reStructuredText in COREBlog

The problem i've found while working with RST in Zwikis (i do not use coreblog, yet) is inline image addition. I mean, writing contents in html you can put images inline with text, but with RST I didn't find how to do that.

Any suggestion?

Posted by: Wu at October 09,2007 13:14
Re: reStructuredText in COREBlog

The cheatsheet has the syntax for how to add images in RST. How they are displayed then, is defined by the CSS. You can add a class attribute to the image which governs how the generated html is displayed - and there you can change anything you want.

Some things you can do with images with RST are in the reStructuredText Directives docs.

Posted by: betabug at October 09,2007 13:46
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