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09 October 2007

Some Days Start Strange

Just some things

Woke up at some early time before dawn and distinctly heard rain come down. I thought: "Wonderful, finally there's some rain!" and slept again. When I got up the sky was clear blue, with only a hint of small white clouds, no rain and no wet streets. Did I dream?

Went to work and on the part of my way to work where I pass through a very low traffic street, there was this lady with a big, expensive Mercedes who tried to take a turn on a corner. Now, our streets aren't very wide, and they are filled up to the brim with parked cars, but that particular corner wasn't even so tight. She asked me if I could have a look so she wouldn't scratch on one of the cars parked in the corner. I waved her through and wondered how she manages to keep that expensive toy car in one piece on other occasions.

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Re: Some Days Start Strange

I have been watching people park with absolute amazement in and around Athens. They seem to get into the tightest spots. I just don't know how they get away with parking illegally or blocking driveways? Every night when we come home to our little "hovel" someone seems to have blocked our access! Wouldn't happen in Canada, either people are more considerate or more afraid of the tickets...ciao

Posted by: rositta at October 10,2007 07:59
Re: Some Days Start Strange

"Illegal" only has a very fuzzy definition here. But blocking a driveway will usually get you into neighborhood trouble fast - if it's done, it's usually by a neighbor anyway, who thinks he can be found and alerted fast enough. Park where you block a public bus line and you might even get towed away. Everything else is up for grabs, no consideration for details such as "pedestrians" or "prams". Hey, it's a tough world.

Posted by: betabug at October 10,2007 08:51
Re: Some Days Start Strange

No one has any money, everyone gets paid only 700EUr a month, Greek economy sucks and buruburu. Where then are all these expensive cars coming from? I went for an hour long walk the other night and I saw only 3 other people walking, and lots of new cars. Weird isn't it?

Posted by: bollybutton at October 10,2007 11:57
Re: Some Days Start Strange

you don't know how much i understand! i wake up every day longing for some rain and the bright blue sky is getting on my nerves.

Posted by: chloe at October 11,2007 22:54
Re: Some Days Start Strange

bollybutton, I think these expensive cars are coming from Germany :-)

Literally and money-wise, the EU pays for them by artificially boosting the Greek economy (pumping money here all the time, most of it appearing in someones pockets and reappearing in Germany in the accounts of Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW).

chloe, I'm all for the sun, but a bit of change would be fine for me :-)

Posted by: betabug at October 12,2007 10:39
Re: Some Days Start Strange

Bollybutton: most Greeks don't pay rent or mortgage. you'll also notice that a good portion of these new cars are owned by younger people too, many of which are still living at home. Greeks complain about not having money because they need to pay off their car debts, among others; before the liberalisation of the credit market in Greece, there were barely any new cars on the road compared to now. i still remember what it was like in the late 90's.

anyway, due the presence of informal ways of getting money, i'd say the average Greek wage is around 1000-1200, not 700 euros. And when you don't have to pay rent, and value material things greatly, you can find a way to own a 20,000 euro plus car.

Posted by: tesios at October 24,2007 15:01
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