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12 October 2007

Comments Open Again

Akismet for spam protection

After having been forced to have all comments pre-moderated on my weblog for some time now, I've installed kedai's akizmet plugin. This will now run comments through the akismet service [1] to check them for their "spamminess". My setup is slightly different from the one kedai described, more on that in a later post.

Result: You can now comment immediately on this blog, I don't have to approve all comments, spammers should not be able to dump their ugly stuff here. Yeah, well, we're still in the testing phase, so it might not always work out, YMMV, etc. etc. ... :-)

[1]note subtly different spelling, 's' vs. 'z'

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Re: Comments Open Again

i've read your suggestion but have no time yet to do anything about that :P

also, your suggestion will work great with coreblog, but not other comment type. maybe a speacial method that do not redirect to manage_* but to http_referrer?

Posted by: kedai at October 14,2007 08:08
Re: Comments Open Again

kedai, I've made a smal change to manage_addAkizmetItem so it can be used without redirecting at all. I'll send you the patch by mail.

With that patch and a python script in coreblog it becomes very simple to use. It uses an optional parameter. I don't think it will interfere with other comment types.

Posted by: betabug at October 14,2007 08:40
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